The following classes are no longer available:

Summer 2020 - Constantly Updated


  • CER321 Ceramic Jewelry: Wearable Clay!

  • CER335 Colorful Clay

  • CER305 Getting Muddy

  • CER282 On the Wheel

  • CER338A Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

  • CER338B Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

  • CER289 Perfecting Techniques

  • CER333 Ready, SETS, Go!

  • CER334 Sculptural Planters


  • CER327 This is Wheely, Wheely Fun!

  • DRA103.02 Figure Drawing: Short & Long Pose

  • DRA026 Open Studio: Life Drawing

  • GLA005A Glowing Glass: Flameworked Beads

  • GLA005C Glowing Glass: Flameworked Beads

  • JEL087 Basic Bling

  • VPHO064.01 ONLINE! A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography

  • VDRA080.01 ONLINE! Drawing with Ink

  • VWAT101.01 ONLINE! Exploring Watercolor Techniques

  • VPAI150.01 ONLINE! From Reality to Abstract

  • VMIX018.01 ONLINE! Image Transfer Techniques for Mixed Media

  • VMIX017.01 ONLINE! Mixed Media Bookmaking 

  • VCER336.01 ONLINE! On and Off the Wall: Extending Clay's Possibilities

  • VPAI137.01 ONLINE! Portraits & More

  • VMSC133.01 ONLINE! Sugar Flowers

  • VPAI115.01 ONLINE! The Blank Canvas

  • VCUL133.01 ONLINE! Yoga


  • VCHI203.01 ONLINE! Amazing Animals

  • VCHI223.01 ONLINE! Draw & Paint Like the Masters

  • VCHI245.01 ONLINE! Drawing and Painting

  • VTEE084.01 ONLINE! Drawing & Painting Studio

  • VCHI207.01 ONLINE! Drawing, Painting, & Pastels

  • VCHI237.01 ONLINE! Funky Mugs

  • VCHI248.01 ONLINE! Getting Creative with Clay

  • VCHI243.01 ONLINE! Let's Explore Art: For Students with Special Needs

  • VCHI183.01 ONLINE! Nature in Art

  • VCHI183.02 ONLINE! Nature in Art

  • VCHI215.01 ONLINE! Needle Felting for Children

  • VCHI215.02 ONLINE! Needle Felting for Children

  • VCHI242.01 ONLINE! Portraits and Figures

  • VCHI205.01 ONLINE! Sculpting Fun



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