Mikhail Zakin Gallery - Past Exhibits

Alternate Worlds:
the art of Harriet Finck and Eric David Laxman

February 10 through March 19, 2020

Reception: February 13, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Artist Talks: Harriet Finck: Wed., Feb. 26, 12:00 PM, Eric David Laxman: Wed., March 11, 6:00 PM

Examining the world around us is a very personal journey of exploration and excavation; reimagining, questioning, sorting, and informing. Artist Harriet Finck looks to nature up close, in the case of cells, and to the vast distances between planets. Artist Eric David Laxman, in contrast, works with found materials, transforming discarded objects and giving them a new reality. Each, in their own style, create realities they want to exist; whether making political or social comments, revisiting memories or dreams, or reflecting on the world as they find it. In each case, an act of transformation must take place. First, as the idea is formulated by the artist, and second as the idea is further transformed by the process of working with materials.

Visual Thinking


January 6 – February 6, 2020

Reception: January 9, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Artist Talks:

Jan 27, 12:00 PM

Jan 29, 6:30 PM


Drawing, can be seen as pre-writing. It is thought to be a response to the world, much of which was not understood by early humans. It is still a response to the world we live in, today. Rudolf Arnheim, from whom the title of this exhibit comes, believed making art is our perceptual response to the world around us. All perceiving is also thinking, all reasoning is also intuition, all observation is also invention.

-Rudolf Arnheim


Historically drawing has been used as preparation for larger projects. Cartoons were drawn during the Renaissance to transfer onto walls that would then be painted. Artists would draw studies of multiple elements of a composition and would then bring them together in the studio while painting.

Currently, in contemporary art practice, a drawing can be the finished work. Any surface and any mark-making tool can be used. Surfaces vary from paper, to metal, to fabrics. Drawing can be performative, interactive, an installation, or a classical translation of life or concept.

The 20 artists chosen for this exhibition display the variety and broad scope of drawing today.

On A Different Page


September 3 – October 18, 2019

Reception: September 12, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Artist Talks: October 18, 6:30 - 8:30 pm


Book art encompasses many forms, and artists employ a variety of approaches to express themselves through this unique genre. On a Different Page presents the artist’s personal relationship to the book as art form. Whether storytelling, tackling social issues, sculpting or deconstructing, each of these artists utilizes the book to create individual works of art.

Figurative Language


March 15 – April 26, 2019

Reception: March 22, 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Artist Talks:

April 8, 3:45 PM

April 24, 6:30 PM


Four artists come together in a monthly forum to discuss   concerns that affect them as women and as artists.   Their generational experiences are similar, their lives very different. They all struggle while managing relationships,   motherhood and careers, the big three that pull you away from being a creative person. Together, the women grapple with many questions, among them, "What are   these constructs and how do we respond to them? How   does the body and identity translate into image?" They   talk about how they navigate suburban  and  social  pressures and expectations while staying true to their  
creative selves and discuss how to translate their ideas   into visual art. The four artists discover that their work is   consciously or unconsciously incorporating the human 
form. Figurative Language is a collection of these ideas   visually represented.

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