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The Mikhail Zakin Gallery, located in Demarest, New Jersey, invites regional (NJ, NY, PA & CT) artists and curators to submit their work for consideration. 

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Mark Reeves: Faces in the Crowd

Gallery Reception: Sep. 14
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The Art School at Old Church, in Demarest, is pleased to present photographs by Mark Reeves. Navigating the boundaries of street photography, Reeves captures people's unscripted behaviors at public events and in everyday contexts. Some photographs are taken unbeknownst to their subjects. Others incorporate performative elements as individuals present themselves in ways that beckon viewers to experience evocative moments during parades, ceremonies, and festivals. Work will be on view through Oct. 16.

I’d like to strongly recommend seeing Mark Reeves show “Faces in the Crowd” at the Art School at Old Church, in Demarest, NJ.

I had a chance to to speak with Mark and preview the show on the opening day. Taking just a cursory view of these 34 black and white and 2 color prints taken over the last 30 years, one could quickly classify the imagery as “street photography ”. There’s so much clever “street” work that’s been published and praised regularly throughout contemporary media, but it’s filled with coldness and detachment.

The diametric opposite is front and center in this masterfully selected grouping, each image reinforces the previous image and then informs the next one. Mark’s beautifully composed photographs engage the eye and in every case pull strongly at your heart, demanding your engagement with the individual[s] pictured. This isn’t the work of a a photographer who keeps a safe distance, but who’s earned the subject’s trust through rapport with them.

What emerges as one walks through the show, and what becomes overwhelming with a completed viewing is another distinct portrait; that of the humanist photographer with a severely empathic heart of understanding whose meticulous prints are testament to honoring those often misunderstood “faces in the crowd”.

- Tom Gramegna, Director of Gallery 270 at Bergen County Camera

Gallery Hours

Monday–Friday: 10:30 AM–3:30 PM

Saturday: 10:30 AM–3:30 PM

In the event of inclement weather, please call (201) 767-7160 to confirm hours.

The galleries are wheelchair accessible.

Upcoming Annual Exhibits/Events


Salon 561 is an annual salon-style exhibition of artwork created by the members of the Art School's faculty. It is a unique opportunity for individuals to see what professional artists in the Art School community work on outside the classroom.

The Old Church Pottery Show

The Old Church Pottery Show and Sale began in 1975 as a fundraiser for the Art School at Old Church. Long-time friends Karen Karnes and Mikhail Zakin, Art School founder, wanted to bring together their vibrant community of potters with the local community to offer an opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind works of art while supporting the newly-established cultural resource. The show has grown to include up to 30 national and international artists each year, and offers more than 2,000 pots for sale over its three-day span, including functional mugs, dishware and servers, as well as sculptural works. Participating potters are invited to the show based on recommendations by their peers.


Our 48th Annual Pottery Show & Sale will take place in person December 2–4, 2022 - stay tuned! Visit for more information on participating artists, curators, and the show's history. All proceeds benefit the school.


From The Studio Classes is an annual salon-style exhibition of artworks by the Art School students. This highly anticipated exhibition fills the galleries to capacity with a vibrant installation of over 200 works of art, shown in the school's Mikhail Zakin and Café galleries. 

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