Clay and Firing Fee info (for ceramics & sculpture classes):

  • Clay and clay tools are available for purchase at the front desk.

  • Clay prices: 

    • Brown stoneware: $17/bag (25 lbs)

    • White stoneware: $17/bag (25 lbs)

    • Porcelain clay: $25/bag (25 lbs)

    • Red sculpture clay: $17/bag (25 lbs)

    • Cone 10 Slip (porcelain): $20/gallon

  • Ceramic firing fees:

    • Firing = $3.75/lb for Art School clay (please note: no other clay will be fired). This price covers both a bisque and glaze firing.

    • Discounted bulk firing cards - the easiest and fastest way to pay for firing - are available for purchase at the front desk ($97.50/30 lbs = a savings of $15.00). Firing cards do not expire, and can be transferred to other students.

  • Sculpture firing fees:

    • Bisque firing = $1.50/lbfor Art School clay (please note: no other clay will be fired).

Material Lists:

A material list is a list of items, requested by the instructor, that students need to bring for a particular course. Supplies for adult classes are not generally provided by the school. If your class or workshop has a material list, it will be noted in the course catalog and listed below.

Please click on a course number below to view the material list for the class.


BAS038 Basketry: From Art to Craft


CER322 The Modern Figure in Ceramic Sculpture - Eisler



VPAP057 The World of Collage - Finck

PAP061 Assemblage and Painting - Schneider


CUL133 Yoga - Pilo


DRA080 Drawing with Ink - Guilfoyle

DRA095 Drawing Basics - Theroux (In-Studio and Virtual)

DRA099 Drawing: Beyond Basics - Theroux (In-Studio and Virtual)

DRA101 Drawing with Color - Traptcheva

DRA103 Figure Drawing: Short & Long Pose - Bailey

VDRA104 The Artist's Notebook, A Personal Reflection - Traptcheva


FAB058 Batik: The Art of Wax Resist and Dying Fabrics - Lederman



JEL066 Jewelry Making - Pekelney

JEL071 Precious Metal Clay Jewelry - Sloan

JEL087 Basic Bling - Tokoly

JEL088 Jewelry Techniques and Design - Tokoly



VMSC133 Sugar Flowers - Dhawan


PAI066 Creating a Personal Approach - Pollock

PAI115 The Blank Canvas - Guilfoyle

PAI126 Painting & Drawing: A Guided Exploration - King

PAI133 Anyone Can Paint - Wilson

PAI137 Portraits & More - Robinson

PAI144 Painting with Mixed Media - Traptcheva

PAI147 Color & Process - Schneider

PAI149 Painting from Start to Finish - Theroux

PAI150 ONLINE! From Reality to Abstract - Theroux

PAI152 A Beginner's Guide to Abstraction - Schaefer

PAI155 Introduction to Soft Pastel - Bailey

PAI159 Landscape Painting - Schneider

VPAI141 Driven to Abstraction - Schaefer


WAT047 Expressive Watercolor - Pollock

WAT092 Joy of Watercolor - Rose

WAT099 Watercolor: Plein Air

WAT101 Exploring Watercolor Techniques - Lu

WAT106 Wading Through Watercolor - Conte

VWAT102 Chinese Brush Painting: A Different Approach - Chang


VPHO046 ONLINE! Fine Art Digital Printing - Gans

VPHO064 ONLINE! A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography - Gans


VPRI083 ONLINE! Printmaking: The Repeated and Varied Image - Baratta

PRI084 Printmaking - Thackray



SCU113 Speaking Likeness: Portraits in Clay - King

SCU114 Sculpting from Life: the Human Form - King


TEE090 Stop Motion Animation for Teens - Mores


VWKS175 ONLINE! Watercolor Monotypes - Cochran

WKS386 Figurative Sculpture - Eisler

WKS407 Introduction to Sugar Flowers - Dhawan

WKS580 Capture the Abstract Still Life - Theroux

VWKS563 ONLINE! The Art of Self Portrait - Traptcheva

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